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The English syllabus consists of the following major parts. Sample texts are used to let students
acquainted with both Scientific and Technical English as well as for both scientific and technical
vocabulary and grammar acquisition.
The texts are selected according to the vocabulary built up, familiarization with both scientific and technical matters in English and further comprehension. Each text is therefore followed by a set of vocabulary concepts, a set of special phrases (idioms) and comprehension questions.
There is also a terminology which means the translation of some words from English to French one. Besides, the texts are followed at the end by a translation of long statements which are selected from the texts.

A. Phonetics:
 Consonant sounds: eg : /k/; /m/; /b/;/j/
 Vowels sounds: eg: /e/; /i/; /u:/
 Diphthongs: eg: /aI/; /eI/
 Triphthongs: eg: /eIa/; /aIa/
B. General Grammar:
1- Parts of speech
 Verb: definition, transitive, negative form, interrogative form, regular, irregular …
 Noun: definition, kind, singular, plural, compound nouns …
 Adverbs: definition
 Adjectives: definition
2- Types of sentences
 Simple sentences
 Compound sentences (using connectors eg.: but, …)
 Complex sentences (using relative pronouns eg. who, where, …)
C. Texts and Activities:
Activities, scientific or technical texts are included progressively, in which we focus on the application of
the previous lessons.

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